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Crocodiles are large semi aquatic reptiles that live throughout the tropics in Africa, Asia, the Americas and Australia. Crocodylinae is classified as a biological subfamily all of whose members are considered to be true crocodiles. Although they resemble each other, however, crocodiles, alligators and the gharial belong to separate biological families. The gharial is easier to distinguish because of its narrow snout while morphological differences are harder to spot in crocodiles and alligators. Crocodiles have narrower and longer heads with a more V-shaped snout compared to a U-shaped snout of alligators and caimans making it the most obvious external differences which are visible in the head. Another obvious trait is that the upper and lower jaws of the crocodiles are of the same width and the teeth in the lower jaw fall along the edge or outside the upper jaw when the mouth is closed, thereby, making all teeth visible. On the other hand, an alligator possesses small depressions in the upper jaw into which the lower teeth fit. Moreover, when the mouth of a crocodile is closed, the large fourth tooth in the lower jaw fits into a constriction in the upper jaw. For the specimens that are hard to distinguish, the protruding tooth is the most reliable feature to define the species' family. Crocodiles have more webbing on the toes of the hind feet and thus have better tolerance towards saltwater due to specialized salt glands for filtering out salt, which are present, but non-functioning, in alligators

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