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Portable Network Graphics (PNG)could be a raster-graphics file-format that supports lossless knowledge compression. PNG was developed as Associate in Nursing improved, non-patented replacement for Graphics Interchange Format (GIF).
PNG supports palette-based pictures, grayscale pictures(with or while not an alpha channel for transparency), and full-colour non-palette-based RGB/RGBA pictures (with or while not alpha channel). The PNG working party designed the format for transferring pictures on the net, not for professional-quality print graphics, and thus it doesn't support non-RGB colour areas like CMYK. A PNG file contains one image in Associate in Nursing extensile structure of "chunks", coding the fundamental pixels and different data like matter comments and integrity checks documents.
PNG files nearly perpetually use the file extension PNG or png and area unit assigned MIME media kind image/png PNG was revealed as informational RFC 2083 in March 1997 Associate in Nursing as an ISO/IEC normal in 2004. Although GIF permits for animation, it had been determined that PNG ought to be a single-image format. In 2001, the developers of PNG revealed the Multiple-image Network Graphics (MNG) format, with support for animation. MNG achieved moderate application support, however not enough among thought internet browsers and no usage among information processing system designers or publishers. In 2008, bound Mozilla developers revealed the Animated moveable Network Graphics (APNG) format with similar goals.