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Monkey is the word which is popularly used to refer to refer to species or groups of mammals. To be more specific, it is used to call out the simians of infraorder Simiiformes. The terms is majorly applied in a descriptive manner to groups of primates, such as families of New World Monkeys and Old World monkeys. A major part of the monkey population is tree dwelling (arboreal), whereas there exist some species that live primarily on the ground, such as baboons. Many monkey species are also active during the day, also known as diurnal. It is known that monkeys are considered to be intelligent, in specification the Old World monkeys in Catarrhini.
Tarsiers and Simians emerged within haplorrhines some 60 million years ago. Catarrhine and New World monkeys emerged within the simians some thirty five million years ago. Hominoidea and Old World monkeys emerged within the catarrhine monkeys some twenty five million years ago. By primatologists eosimiidea and sometimes even the Catarrhini group are also considered as monkeys, this division is also extended to the extinct basal simons Parapithecus and Aegyptopithecus which emerged some 35-32 million years ago. Galagos, lorises and lemurs which might be considered monkeys by any layman are not monkeys but strepsirrhine primates.

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  • Monkey Png Picture PNG Image

    Monkey Png Picture
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  • Monkey Transparent PNG Image

    Monkey Transparent
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  • Monkey Free Download Png PNG Image

    Monkey Free Download Png
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  • Monkey Picture PNG Image

    Monkey Picture
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  • Monkey Png Image PNG Image

    Monkey Png Image
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  • Monkey Png PNG Image

    Monkey Png
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  • Monkey Free Png Image PNG Image

    Monkey Free Png Image
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  • Monkey Png Clipart PNG Image

    Monkey Png Clipart
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  • Monkey Chimpanzee Ape PNG Image High Quality PNG Image

    Monkey Chimpanzee Ape PNG Image High Quality
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  • Giant Fu Figure Animal Warriors Po Bird PNG Image

    Giant Fu Figure Animal Warriors Po Bird
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