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A flock is a gathering of a gaggle of same species animals so as to forage or travel with each other. In avian flocks area unit usually seen in association with migration. Whereas this can be true it can even be seen that flocking is vital in safety from predation and hunting edges. But it's conjointly vital to notice that living in a very flock can even come back at a price to the birds living at intervals it.
The definition of the flock is slender, solely that specialize in one species existing at intervals a flock. But the existence of mixed flocks are a gift within the surroundings and accommodates a minimum of 2 or a lot of species. In avian species that tend to flock along with area unit usually similar in taxonomy furthermore as morphological characters like size and form. By having a flock with multiple species gift, the defence against predation will increase. Defence against predators is especially vital in closed habitats like forests wherever early warning calls play significant importance within the early recognition of danger. The result was the formation of the many mixed-species feeding flocks. Bird species living in a very flock area unit ready to capture prey, seemingly hors de combat, from the associate unsuccessful bird at intervals its flock. This behaviour is understood because of the beater impact and is one in every one of the advantages of birds hunting in a flock with alternative birds.
It is often seen that birds in a very flock could perform the information-sharing model. During this scenario the whole flock would seek for food and also the 1st to seek out a reliable food supply can alert the flock and also the entire cluster could profit by this finding. Whereas this can be an apparent advantage of the information-sharing model, the value is that the social hierarchy of the flock could end in subordinate birds being denied food by people who area unit dominant. Another price is that the chance that some people could refuse to contribute within the search of food and instead merely watch for another member to seek out a food resource. These people area unit called producers and scroungers, severally. A convoluted looking system is often seen within Harris's hawk within which teams of 2 to 6 hunt one prey along. The cluster splits into smaller teams within which it then encloses on prey, like a rabbit, before it attacks it. By looking at a bunch the Harris's Hawk is in a position to hunt larger animals and reduce the quantity of energy spent looking whereas every hawk within the group is in a position to eat from the catch.

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