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Randy Orton is a third generation professional wrestler of the Orton family who followed after his grandfather Bob Orton, father Bob Orton Jr.,

 and uncle Barry Orton, who were all professional wrestlers. He trained in and wrestled for Mid-Missouri Wrestling Association-Southern Illinois Conference Wrestling for a month before being promoted to the main World Wrestling Federation (WWF), which is now referred to as WWE. Randy Orton was then sent to Ohio Valley Wrestling, abbreviated as, OVW, where he held the OVW Hardcore Championship twice. Orton soon became a member of the stable Evolution after his WWE debut, which quickly led to his first title with the company, an Intercontinental Championship reign. He also attained the moniker "The Legend Killer" during a storyline where he began disparaging and then physically attacking WWE Hall of Famers and wrestling veterans. At a mere age of 24, he became the youngest world champion in WWE history after winning the World Heavyweight Championship from Chris Benoit. With this win, he departed from Evolution, instigating a feud with his former stablemates. In 2006, Orton allied forces with Edge in a tag team which was called Rated-RKO. Together, they held the World Tag Team Championship. Orton gained two WWE Championship reigns in one night after Rated-RKO disbanded in mid-2007 and went on to become the second youngest two-time WWE Champion at the age of 27.

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