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Wind as described by sources is the flow of gases on a large scale. On the surface of Earth, one might define it more distinctively as the bulk movement of air. Whereas in outer space, solar wind is defined as the movement of gases or charged particles discharged from Sun through space and planetary wind is defined as the outgassing of light chemical substances or elements from a planet's atmosphere into space. The classification of winds is done mainly on the basis of their spatial scale, the types of forces that cause them, their speed, their effect and the region in which they happen to occur. Saturn and Neptune are the two major planets which are classified for experiencing the strongest winds observed on a planet in the Solar System. 

Winds carry various aspects, for some, the density of the gas involved, velocity (wind speed), wind energy or energy content. It has some useful purposes as well, for example, it is an important means of transportation for small birds and seeds, with the passage of time, some things can travel miles in the wind. The direction through which the wind is blowing and their strength are some important parameters according to which wind is defined by meteorologists.

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  • Wind Transparent Background PNG Image

    Wind Transparent Background
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  • Wind Transparent Image PNG Image

    Wind Transparent Image
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  • Wind Clipart PNG Image

    Wind Clipart
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  • Wind Transparent PNG Image

    Wind Transparent
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  • Wind Image PNG Image

    Wind Image
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  • Wind Photos PNG Image

    Wind Photos
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  • Wind File PNG Image

    Wind File
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  • Vector Light Euclidean Paper Fresh White Shining PNG Image

    Vector Light Euclidean Paper Fresh White Shining
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