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A table is an object, an item of furniture having a flat top and two or more than two legs. The major uses of a table compromise of using its surface for working, eating or just keeping things. Tables can be classified into various types, some of them being dining room table, which is generally used by people in the living room to have their meal, a coffee table, it is a low table, used by people to either keep display items or serve refreshments, generally kept in a living room and the bedside table, the most common use of it is to put an alarm clock or a lamp, keep books and essentials like cream, water bottle or specs. 

The range of tables can also vary when categorizing under the heads of specialization, such as sewing tables or drafting tables which are used for doing architectural drawings. The common design elements of tables include, the design of its top surface, it can be round, square, oval or semi circular, the number of legs a table has, it can vary from three to four to six to eight to ten, depending upon its size and stability, whether the table is a folding table or not; height of a table can also be a noticeable criteria.

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