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A cup is a container with an open lid, generally used for pouring and drinking. It can have multiple uses like it can also be used to store solids for pouring such as sugar, floor and grains. Cups can made of different materials like metal, bone china, glass, wood, clay, polystyrene, stone, aluminium, plastic, paper, thermocol or any other materials. A cup is generally fixed with a stem, handles or other adornments. The major use of cups is to quench thirst, in accordance with a wide range of cultures and social classes. Different types of cups may be used in different in different situations for storing different liquids. Different styles of cups might be used for the storage of different kinds of liquids and foodstuffs. For example measuring cups and teacups. Cups can also be used for decorations. Cups used in different situations can be like cups used in rituals, ceremonies or one used at water stations.
Cups are nothing but basically an alternative to storing stuff in cupped hands, one can easily identify that this is where one can trace back the origin of the word cup. The ancient cups were fashioned with hollowed out stone and shells. Horse conch was used by the Native American societies for drinking cups and other purposes.

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