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Sand is a loose granular material which can be found on beaches, deserts, and on riverbeds in the world. Sand is so light and small that it even carried by wind. According to the researchers, sand is around 0.06 to 1.5 millimeters in size. Sand is made up of different materials, majorly consists of silicate mineral and silicate rock of the granular particles. Quartz also known as silicon dioxide plays a major role in making of sand. Sand is formed by the broken pebble, erosion and weathering of rocks, like freezing and breaking, then carrying the pieces into the water by sea. This continuous process forms the sand.
Sand comes in different colors i.e. white, brown, black, green and even in pink. A microscopic organism known as; Foraminifera has a red-pink shell which is solely responsible for changing the color of sand in pink. white sand majorly found in Mexico, is made up of gypsum, coral fragments and tiny skeletons of sea life. Black sand is created by the mixing of black basalt lava into the sand and green lava is formed by green olivine. Sand also makes the music. It creates booming, humming and roaring sound in large desserts.

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  • Sand PNG Image

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    Sand Transparent Background
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    Sand Transparent
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    Sand Photos
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    Sand Image
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    Sand Transparent
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    Sand Hd
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    Sand Transparent Image
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    Sand Picture
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    Sand Clipart
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    Sand Photo
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    Sand File
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    Sand Free Download
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    Sand Transparent Picture
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  • Dollar Sand Keyhole Free HQ Image PNG Image

    Dollar Sand Keyhole Free HQ Image
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