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Anubis or Inpu, in Ancient Egyptian also known as Anpu is the Greek name of the God of death, embalming, mummification, the afterlife, tombs, cemeteries, and the underworld, in Ancient Egyptian religion. It is generally depicted as canine or a man having a canine head. According to the discoveries of archeologists, the sacred animal of Anubis's is an Egyptian canid, the African golden wolf. Similar to the many deities of the Egyptian culture, Anubis happened to assume different roles in various contexts. They were depicted as a protector of graves during the First Dynasty, they were also an embalmer. By the middle kingdom, they were replaced by Osiris, in the role of the lord of the underworld. The major role of him as a God was to usher the souls into the afterlife. It is said that he attended the weighing scale during the weighing of the heart, a ritual which determined whether the soul would be allowed entrance into the realm of the dead. Even though, Anubis was one of the most frequently depicted and mentioned gods and was one of the most ancient one, it happens to find its popularity in Egyptian pantheon and has no discourse in the societies of Egyptian myths.

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  • Anubis Picture PNG Image

    Anubis Picture
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    Anubis Png File
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    Anubis Png Image
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    Anubis Png Picture
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    Anubis Png Clipart
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    Anubis Png
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    Anubis Free Download Png
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    Anubis Png Hd
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    Anubis Download Png
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    Anubis Free Png Image
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    Anubis Png Pic
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    Anubis Transparent
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  • Egypt Ancient Features Icon Free Transparent Image HD PNG Image

    Egypt Ancient Features Icon Free Transparent Image HD
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