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Tap PNG: A Solution for Water Access in Papua New Guinea
In Papua New Guinea (PNG), one of the biggest challenges for many communities is access to clean and safe water. According to WaterAid, only 40% of the population has access to basic sanitation and clean water facilities. Many people have to rely on contaminated sources or travel long distances to fetch water. This situation not only poses a health risk but also affects productivity and economic growth.
One innovative solution that has been gaining popularity in PNG is the use of tap stands. A tap stand is a simple infrastructure that consists of a water source, such as a borehole or rainwater harvesting system, and a tap that people can use to collect water. Unlike traditional wells or hand pumps, tap stands provide a more convenient and hygienic way of accessing water. People can simply walk up to the tap, turn on the valve, and fill their containers.
Tap stands are not a new idea, but their implementation in PNG has been facilitated by various NGOs and government agencies. For example, the Papua New Guinea Water Supply and Sanitation Development Plan 2011-2030 aims to provide at least 70% of the population with access to basic water services by 2030. The plan recognizes the importance of tap stands in achieving this target, especially in rural and remote areas where other options may be too expensive or difficult to maintain.
One organization that has been at the forefront of tap stand development in PNG is Water PNG. The state-owned utility has been installing tap stands in various parts of the country, including the Highlands region, where water scarcity is a major issue. The tap stands are connected to a centralized supply system, which ensures that the water is treated, tested, and monitored for quality. Water PNG also provides education and training to the local communities on how to use, maintain, and pay for the water service.
Another NGO that has been using tap stands in PNG is WaterAid. The organization has partnered with local communities to build tap stands that are suitable for their specific needs and preferences. For example, some tap stands are designed to be accessible to people with disabilities, while others have multiple taps to reduce waiting times. WaterAid also works with women and girls to ensure that they have a say in the design and location of the tap stands, as they are usually the ones responsible for water collection and management.
The impact of tap stands in PNG has been significant. According to WaterAid, a tap stand can serve up to 500 people and reduce the time and effort required to collect water by up to 75%. This means that people, especially women and children, have more time to attend school, work, or pursue other activities. In addition, tap stands promote better hygiene and sanitation practices, as people are more likely to wash their hands and dishes with clean water.
However, there are also challenges to tap stand implementation in PNG. One issue is sustainability – tap stands require regular maintenance and repair, which can be costly and difficult to manage in remote areas. Another issue is affordability – while tap stands are cheaper than other options, such as wells or piped systems, they still require some form of payment or contribution from the users. This can be a barrier for some communities, especially those living in extreme poverty.
Overall, tap stands offer a promising solution for water access in PNG. By providing a simple and effective way of collecting water, tap stands can improve the health, education, and economic outcomes of the communities they serve. However, it is important to ensure that tap stands are designed, implemented, and managed in a sustainable and equitable manner, with the active participation and ownership of the local communities.

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