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Armchair is a component of furniture, usually a chair which may or may not have armrests. In the French language there exists a distinction between a fauteuil and a chaise, in English, between the chair with and without armrests. Krankensessel was a name given to an armchair in Germany, it was also called a sick chair, because it was intended for people who were too ill to stand or sit without the provision of extra support. 

In the present scenario, the armrests are supposed to provide support to a part of the body weight through the arms if the arms are made to rest on the armrests present on the armchair. Further, the function of armrests is defined as it helps in making entry and exit from the chair an easier task. But simultaneously, it becomes a more difficult task to take an entry or exit from the side of the chair. It is also that the armrests should support the forearm and not the sensitive area of the elbow. Therefore in many chair designs, the armrest is not continuous to the chair back but is missing in the elbow area. The chair seats may vary widely in construction and may or may not match the chair's back or backrest.

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    Armchair Photos
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