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An impression left by the friction ridges of the finger of any person is known as a fingerprint. The major use of these has helped in forensic science by using the recovered fingerprints from the crime scene. The reason behind fingerprints are left on the surfaces of metal or glass could be moisture or grease on a finger. Deliberate impressions of the entire fingerprint could also be created by ink or other substances transferred from the peaks of friction ridges on the skin to a smooth surface such as paper. The fingerprints of humans are nearly unique, detailed, very difficult to alter and also durable over the life of a person, making them ideal for the long term markers of human identity.
One of the most reliable biometric techniques used today is the matching of two fingerprints. A friction ridge which is often used as the portion of the fingerprint to be matches and retained is the raised portion of epidermis on fingers or toes, the palms of the hand or the sole of the foot. These are also called epidermal ridges, caused by the underlying interface between the dermal papillae of the dermis and the interpapillary pegs of the epidermis. They serve to amplify triggered amplifications.

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