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Lips are a visible body component at the mouth of many animals, which includes humans. Lips are soft, movable, and function the opening for food consumption and within the articulation of sound and speech. Human lips are a tactile sensory organ, and can be an erogenous zone while utilized in kissing and different acts of intimacy. The upper and lower lips are known as the "labium superius oris" and "labium inferius oris", respectively. The juncture in which the lips meet the surrounding skin of the mouth vicinity is the vermilion border, and the commonly reddish area within the borders is called the vermilion sector. The vermilion border of the upper lip is called the cupid's bow. The fleshy protuberance positioned in the center of the top lip is a tubercle acknowledged through numerous phrases inclusive of the procheilon (additionally spelled prochilon), the "tuberculum labii superioris", and the "labial tubercle".
The vertical groove extending from the procheilon to the nasal septum is referred to as the philtrum. The skin of the lip, with 3 to 5 cellular layers, may be very skinny in comparison to traditional face pores and skin, which has up to sixteen layers. With light pores and skin coloration, the lip pores and skin consists of fewer melanocytes (cells which produce melanin pigment, which give pores and skin its color). Because of this, the blood vessels seem thru the pores and skin of the lips, which ends up in their splendid purple coloring. With darker pores and skin color this effect is much less distinguished, as in this example the pores and skin of the lips incorporates extra melanin and as a result is visually darker. The pores and skin of the lip paperwork the border between the outdoors pores and skin of the face, and the interior mucous membrane of the inner of the mouth. The lip pores and skin isn't always furry and does no longer have sweat glands. Therefore, it does not have the usual safety layer of sweat and body oils which keep the skin smooth, inhibit pathogens, and modify warm temperature. For those reasons, the lips dry out faster and end up chapped more easily. The lower lip is shaped from the mandibular prominence, a branch of the primary pharyngeal arch. The lower lip covers the anterior frame of the mandible. It is lowered by means of the depressor labii inferioris muscle and the orbicularis oris borders it inferiorly.

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