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Archaeologists are people involved in archaeology. Archaeology is defined as the study of human activity through the analysis and recovery of material culture. The archeological record consists of architecture, artifacts, ecofacts or biofacts and cultural landscapes. Archaeology can be considered both a branch of humanities and social science. Archaeology is often viewed as either a discipline in its own right or a subfield of other disciplines in Europe, whereas in North America archaeology is a subfield of anthropology.

Archaeologists study human history and prehistory, from the development of the first stone tools at Lomekwi situated in East Africa, 3.3 million years ago up until recent decades. There exists a distinction between archaeology and paleontology. Paleontology is the study of remains of fossils and finds its importance for learning about prehistoric societies for whom there might not be any written records to study. Over 99% of the human past is included in prehistory. This ranges from the Paleolithic until the advent of literacy in societies across the world. There are various goals of archaeology which range from understanding culture history to reconstructing past lifeways to explaining and documenting changes in human societies through time.

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