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Glasses also known as spectacles and eyeglasses are vision aids and consists of a glass or  hard plastic lenses which are mounted in a frame that holds them in front of a person's eyes, basically utilizing a bridge over the arms and nose which rest over the ears. The major use of glasses for vision correction, such as with glasses used for nearsightedness and reading glasses. There also exist safety glasses which happen to provide eye protection against flying debris for workers working at construction sites or lab technicians. Glasses might also have protection for the sides of the eyes as well as in the lenses.

 Some types of safety glasses are used for the purpose of protection against visible and near visible light or sometimes radiation. The glasses are also worn by people to protect their eyes in some types of sports, for example, squash. Some glasses wearers tend to use a strap, in order to prevent their glasses from falling off during sports or other hasty movements. Some happen to have a type of glasses which has a cord attached to them that goes around their neck, so that the glasses aren't lost by them and also for the purpose of keeping them away from falling or breaking.

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