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A biscuit is a flour-primarily based baked meals product. Outdoor north America the biscuit is usually difficult, flat, and unleavened; in north America it's miles generally a gentle, leavened brief bread. In commonwealth nations and Eire, a biscuit is a small baked product that could be called both a "cookie" or a "cracker" within the America and most of English-speak me Canada. Biscuits within the United Kingdom, the isle of man, and Eire are tough and can be savory or candy, inclusive of chocolate biscuits, digestives, hobnobs, ginger nuts, rich tea, shortbread, bourbons, and custard lotions. In commonwealth nations and Eire, the time period "cookie" commonly refers to handiest one sort of biscuit (the sweeter baked dough typically containing chocolate chips or raisins); however, it could also domestically consult with specific varieties of biscuits or breads.
In addition, a "cracker" refers most effective to a thin and dry "biscuit for cheese". The united states and some parts of English Canada, a "biscuit" is a short bread, particularly like a scone, and usually unsweetened. Leavening is done thru the usage of baking powder or, while the usage of buttermilk, baking soda. Biscuits are typically referred to as both "baking powder biscuits "or "buttermilk biscuits" if buttermilk is used in preference to milk as a liquid. A southern regional variant the use of the term "crushed biscuit" (or in new England "sea biscuit") is in the direction of hardtack than soft dough biscuits.

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    Biscuit Free Download Png
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    Biscuit Png Clipart
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    Biscuit Png File
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    Biscuit Transparent
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    Biscuit Picture
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    Biscuit Png Image
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    Biscuit Png Hd
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    Biscuit Free Png Image
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    Biscuit Png
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    Biscuit Png Picture
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    Biscuit Png Pic
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  • King Whopper Sandwich Nugget Fries Mcdonald'S Bk PNG Image

    King Whopper Sandwich Nugget Fries Mcdonald'S Bk
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