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An Angel Warrior is like a knight of the heaven and commanders of the Heavenly Hosts. They are created to individually battle the worst monsters of the creation and all the evil that has ever existed. They are on the duty fight ceaselessly to prevent mundane world from being overrun by the powers of the Evil and the Devil. Angel warriors are not just angels but the bravest of the angels, who consider solely the importance of their mission and are purely and wholeheartedly willing to be destroyed in the service of righteousness. Hence, they are the special patrons of most of the Paladins, serving as the models of absolute courage and devotion.
Angel warriors in their natural form resemble well built men and women, typically dressed in the armor which is common to ancient heroes. They are also said to wield a spear and type of sword associated with a long gone empire. Their costume is sometimes also accompanied by helmets of similar ancient designs and bear shield emblazoned with holy symbols. Angel warriors like other angels possess a pair of wings, but theirs are a pair of great, eagle like wings. The head of the angels is mostly surrounded by a ring of golden light which is also known as the glowing halo.

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  • Angel Warrior Transparent PNG Image

    Angel Warrior Transparent
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    Angel Warrior Picture
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    Angel Warrior Png
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    Angel Warrior Free Png Image
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    Angel Warrior Png Picture
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    Angel Warrior Free Download Png
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    Angel Warrior Png Clipart
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    Angel Warrior Png Image
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