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Glowing Halo is a crown or ring of light rays, a circle or disk of light, also commonly known as an aureole, nimbus, glory or gloriol. It is generally shown as surrounding a person in art. The halo has been a part of many religious iconographics to indicate sacrificed or holy figures. It has also been used in images of rulers or heroes at various periods in history. In the religious art of Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam and Buddhism. Among various religions, the people who are considered sacred are depicted with a halo in the form of a circular ring of light or the flames as in Asian art, surrounding them around the head or the whole body. The one which surrounds the whole body is also known as a mandorla. The glowing halo can be shown as a combination of colours or almost any color, but are majorly depicted as golden, white or yellow when representing light or red when it used to reflect flames.
This more than natural light in the form of a ring was described by Homer, if we trace the history of halo back to Ancient Greece. In the act of slaying Medusa, depictions of Perseus, with the lines radiating from his head appears on a white box in the Louvre and on a slightly later red figured vase in the style of Polygnotus, in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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    Glowing Halo Photos
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    Glowing Halo Transparent Image
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    Glowing Halo Transparent
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    Glowing Halo Image
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    Glowing Halo File
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    Glowing Halo Transparent Background
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    Glowing Halo
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    Glowing Halo Clipart
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