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Alienware is an american computer hardware subsidiary of dell. Their products are designed for gaming and can be identified through their alien-themed designs. Alienware changed into founded in 1996 by means of nelson gonzalez and alex aguila. The improvement of the organisation is also related to frank azor, arthur lewis, joe balerdi, and michael s. Dell. The enterprise's company headquarters is placed in the hammocks, in miami, florida. Set up in 1996 as saikai of miami, inc.
By way of nelson gonzalez and alex aguila, alienware assembles computers, notebooks, workstations, and laptop gaming consoles.consistent with employees, the name "alienware" changed into chosen because of the founders' fondness for the hit tv series the x-files, which additionally inspired the science-fiction themed names of product strains along with region-fifty one, hangar 18, and aurora. In 1997, it changed its name to alienware. Dell had considered buying the alienware organisation given that 2002, however did not agree to buy the enterprise till march 22, 2006. As a subsidiary, it retains manipulate of its design and advertising and marketing at the same time as benefiting from dell's buying strength, economies of scale, and deliver chain, which reduced its working fees

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  • Alienware PNG Image

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  • Alienware Photos PNG Image

    Alienware Photos
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  • Alienware File PNG Image

    Alienware File
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  • Alienware Transparent Image PNG Image

    Alienware Transparent Image
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  • Alienware Picture PNG Image

    Alienware Picture
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  • Alienware Hd PNG Image

    Alienware Hd
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  • Alienware Transparent PNG Image

    Alienware Transparent
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  • Alienware Clipart PNG Image

    Alienware Clipart
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  • Alienware Image PNG Image

    Alienware Image
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  • Alienware Photo PNG Image

    Alienware Photo
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  • Alienware Transparent Background PNG Image

    Alienware Transparent Background
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  • Alienware Free Download PNG Image

    Alienware Free Download
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