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Lipstick is one of the cosmetic products available in the market, used for beauty enhancement. Lipsticks happen to contain oils, pigments, waxes and emollients that apply colour, protection to the lips and also give a little bit of texture to them. A wide variety of lipsticks of different kind and colour is available in the market. For example, some exist to help cure the breaking of lips, called lip balms, some happen to come handy for both the uses of adding colour and protecting and repairing lips, while some help in hydration. One can note that even though the major use of lipsticks is done by female candidates, but since they are an essential part of make up, while dressing up for shows or acts or events, some men also tend to apply these. 

The name originally was given to a baton or stick of material, held within a tubular container, generally about 5mm in radius and 50 mm in length. The history of lipsticks goes back to 5000 years ago. According to some sources the Ancient Sumerian were the first women and men to wear and invent lipsticks. The lipsticks they used were made of crushed gemstones, used to decorate lips and area around the eyes.

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  • Lipstick Image PNG Image

    Lipstick Image
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  • Lipstick PNG Image

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  • Lipstick Picture PNG Image

    Lipstick Picture
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    Lipstick Transparent Image
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  • Lipstick Photos PNG Image

    Lipstick Photos
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  • Lipstick Clipart PNG Image

    Lipstick Clipart
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  • Lipstick Transparent PNG Image

    Lipstick Transparent
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    Lipstick File
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    Lipstick Hd
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  • Lipstick Photo PNG Image

    Lipstick Photo
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  • Lipstick Transparent Background PNG Image

    Lipstick Transparent Background
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    Lipstick Transparent Picture
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  • No. Christian Lipstick Par Allure Dior Chanel PNG Image

    No. Christian Lipstick Par Allure Dior Chanel
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    Resolution: 600x755
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  • Discount Cosmetics Card Hand-Painted Download HD PNG PNG Image

    Discount Cosmetics Card Hand-Painted Download HD PNG
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