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Of the various special psittacidae (true parrots) genera, six are categorized as macaws: ara, anodorhynchus, cyanopsitta, primolius, orthopsittaca, and diopsittaca. Previously, the individuals of the genus primolius had been placed in propyrrhura, but the former is accurate according with iczn guidelines. macaws are local to important the usa and north america (most effective mexico), south the us, and previously the caribbean. Most species are related to forests, in particular rainforests, but others decide upon forest or savannah-like habitats.
Proportionately large beaks, long tails, and relatively bare, mild-colored, medial (facial patch) regions distinguish macaws from different parrots. Occasionally the facial patch is smaller in some species and confined to a yellow patch around the eyes and a second patch near the bottom of the beak inside the participants of the genus anodorhynchus. A macaw's facial feather pattern is as specific as a fingerprint. The biggest macaws are the hyacinth, buffon's (superb green) and green-winged macaws. Whilst still exceptionally huge parrots, mini-macaws of the genera cyanopsitta, orthopsittaca and primolius are appreciably smaller than the individuals of anodorhynchus and ara. The smallest family member, the red-shouldered macaw, is no larger than a few parakeets of the genus aratinga. Macaws, like different parrots, toucans and woodpeckers, are zygodactyl, having their first and fourth toes pointing backward.

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