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The carrot (daucus carota subsp. Sativus) is a root vegetable, typically orange in shade, although crimson, black, pink, white, and yellow cultivars exist. They're a domesticated form of the wild carrot, daucus carota, local to europe and southwestern asia. The plant possibly originated in persia and was initially cultivated for its leaves and seeds. The most normally eaten a part of the plant is the taproot, despite the fact that the stems and leaves are also eaten. The home carrot has been selectively bred for its significantly enlarged, greater palatable, much less woody-textured taproot. The carrot is a biennial plant in the umbellifer own family, apiaceae. At the start, it grows a rosette of leaves even as constructing up the enlarged taproot. Fast-growing cultivars mature inside three months (ninety days) of sowing the seed, while slower-maturing cultivars want a month longer (one hundred twenty days).
The roots incorporate excessive portions of alpha- and beta-carotene, and are an amazing source of vitamin okay and nutrition b6, however the belief that eating carrots improves night vision is a myth recommend by way of the british in global battle ii to mislead the enemy about their navy capabilities. The united countries meals and agriculture enterprise (fao) reviews that world production of carrots and turnips (these flora are blended by means of the fao) for 2018 become forty million tonnes, with forty five% of the world overall grown in china. Carrots are broadly used in many cuisines, especially within the preparation of salads, and carrot salads are a subculture in lots of regional cuisines.

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    Carrot Vegetable
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    Carrot Transparent
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    Carrot Cutting Pieces
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    Big Carrot
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