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Handball (additionally referred to as team handball, ecu handball or olympic handball) is a group sport wherein two teams of 7 players each (six outcourt gamers and a goalkeeper) bypass a ball the usage of their palms with the aim of throwing it into the purpose of the alternative crew. A widespread suit consists of two periods of half-hour, and the team that ratings more dreams wins. Cutting-edge handball is played on a courtroom of forty by way of 20 metres (131 with the aid of sixty six feet), with a intention in the middle of each quit. The desires are surrounded by way of a 6-meter (20 feet) region where only the protecting goalkeeper is authorized, goals ought to be scored by throwing the ball from outside the zone or whilst "diving" into it.
The sport is generally performed indoors, but out of doors variants exist within the forms of area handball, czech handball (which have been greater commonplace within the beyond) and seashore handball. The game is rapid and excessive-scoring: professional teams now generally score among 20 and 35 dreams each, although decrease rankings were now not uncommon till some many years ago. Players may additionally score hat tricks. Body touch is permitted for the defenders seeking to stop the attackers from drawing near the goal. No shielding gadget is remitted, however players may also wear smooth defensive bands, pads and mouth guards.

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    Handball File
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    Handball Transparent
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    Handball Transparent Background
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    Handball Clipart
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    Handball Photos
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    Handball Image
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