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The grass is herbaceous plants with narrow leaves growing from the base. A common kind of grass covers the lawn, ground and majorly other places. The family grasses include Poaceae, Sedges and the rushes. These three families are not related but belong to different clades. There is a category called true grasses that include cereals, bamboo, grasslands and the grasses of the lawn, turf. Usually, grasses are short but bamboo grows very tall, which is also a grass. Plants in the grass family can grow in almost every place, EVen it is a cold place or a dry place.
Grasses are one of the most important food for many animals, such as buffalo, cattle, mice, grasshopper, caterpillars and many other grazers, grass can grow from the bottom, so when animals eat grass they do not destroy that plant. People have used grasses for a very long time. People can eat various part of grasses like Corn, Wheat, Barley, Oats, Rice, Millets and cereals, these are some common grains whose seeds are used to make alcohol such as beer and food. Sugar is also extracted from sugar cane which is also a part of the grass family. People have grown grasses as food for them as well as their farm animals.

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    Arena League Atmosphere United Old Champions Fc
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    Arena Ball Old Chelsea Fc London Stadium
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