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The khanda is a double-edge straight weapon originating from the Indian landmass. It's typically featured in non-secular ikon, theatre and art representational process the traditional history of Asian nation. It's a typical weapon in Indian martial arts. Khanda typically seems in Hindu, Jain, Buddhist and Sikh scriptures and art. The word khanda has its origins within the Indo-Aryan khadga or khanga, from a root khand which means 'to break, divide, cut, and destroy'. The older word for a bladed weapon, as, is employed within the Rigveda in relevance either associate early sort of the weapon or to a kill knife or dagger to be employed in war. The blade broadens from the grip to the purpose that is sometimes quite blunt. whereas each edges area unit sharp, one facet sometimes contains a strengthening plate on most of its length, that each adds weight to downward cuts and permits the wielder to put their hand on the plated edge. The grip contains a giant plate guard and a large finger guard connected to the pommel.
The pommel is spherical and flat with a spike projected from its centre. The spike is also used obnoxiously or as an edge once delivering a two-handed stroke. Early swords seem within the anthropology record of formality copper swords in Fatehgarh Northern India and Kallur in Southern India. Though the Puranas and Vedas provide an excellent older date to the killing knife. Straight swords, (as well as different swords curved each inward and outward), are employed in Indian history since the Iron Age Mahajanapadas (roughly 600 to three hundred BC), being mentioned within the Indo-Aryan epics, and employed in troopers in armies like those of the Mauryan Empire. Many sculptures from the Gupta era (AD 280-550) portray troopers holding khanda-like broadswords. This area unit once more increasing out at the tip. They continued to be employed in art like Chola-era murtis.
There is a host of paintings representational process the khanda being worn by Hindustani kings throughout the medieval era. It had been used sometimes by foot-soldiers and by nobles United Nations agency were unhorsed in battle. The Hindustani person clans honoured the khanda as a weapon of nice status. In line with some, the look was improved by Prithviraj Chauhan. The additional a back spine on the blade to feature a lot of strength. He additionally created the blade wider and blandish, creating it a formidable cutting weapon. It additionally gave an honest advantage to army unit over lightweight cavalry enemy armies.

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