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A bridge in architectural reference is a structure built to span a physical obstacle such as a valley, body of water or road, without closing the way underneath. The main purpose of constructing a bridge is to build a passage over the obstacle, usually something that can be detrimental to cross otherwise. There are many different designs of a bridge, and each one serves a different purpose in different situations. The designs hence vary according to the function of the bridge, the nature of the terrain where the bridge is anchored and constructed, the material which has been used to make it and the funds and capital available to build it. 

Most likely, as per resources, the earliest bridges were made of fallen trees and stepping stones. The revolution in the history of bridges initiated when the Neolithic people built boardwalk bridges across marshland. One of the oldest arc bridges, known to be in existence and use is the Arkadiko Bridge, in the Peloponnese, in the Southern Greece. This bridge has been standing since the 13th century BC. Sweet Track and Post track are examples of bridges built by the Neolithic people in England about 6,000 years ago.

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  • Bridge Photo PNG Image

    Bridge Photo
    Format: PNG
    Resolution: 600x288
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  • Bridge File PNG Image

    Bridge File
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  • Bridge Clipart PNG Image

    Bridge Clipart
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  • Bridge Image PNG Image

    Bridge Image
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  • Bridge PNG Image

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  • Bridge Hd PNG Image

    Bridge Hd
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  • Bridge Transparent Background PNG Image

    Bridge Transparent Background
    Format: PNG
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  • Bridge Transparent Image PNG Image

    Bridge Transparent Image
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  • Bridge Picture PNG Image

    Bridge Picture
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  • Bridge Free Download PNG Image

    Bridge Free Download
    Format: PNG
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  • Bridge Transparent PNG Image

    Bridge Transparent
    Format: PNG
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  • Bridge Photos PNG Image

    Bridge Photos
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  • Bridge Transparent PNG Image

    Bridge Transparent
    Format: PNG
    Resolution: 512x512
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