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Syringa (lilac) is a genus of 12 presently diagnosed species of flowering woody flowers in the olive circle of relatives (oleaceae), local to woodland and scrub from southeastern europe to eastern asia, and widely and commonly cultivated in temperate regions some place else. The genus is most carefully related to ligustrum (privet), classified with it in oleaceae tribus oleeae subtribus ligustrinae. Lilacs are used as food flora via the larvae of some lepidoptera species along with copper underwing, scalloped all rightand svensson's copper underwing. They may be small trees, ranging in length from 2 to ten metres (6 feet 7 in to 32 feet 10 in) tall, with stems up to twenty to 30 centimetres (7. 9 to eleven. Eight in) diameter.
The leaves are contrary (sometimes in whorls of 3) in association, and their form is straightforward and coronary heart-formed to wide lanceolate in most species, but pinnate in some species (e. G. S. Protolaciniata, s. Pinnatifolia). The plants are produced in spring, every flower being 5 to 10 millimetres (zero. 20 to zero. 39 in) in diameter with a 4-lobed corolla, the corolla tube narrow, 5 to twenty millimetres (zero. 20 to zero. 79 in) long; they're monoecious, with fertile stamens and stigma in every flower. The standard flower shade is a coloration of pink (often a light red or lilac), however white, light yellow and pink, or even a dark burgundy color also are determined. The plants develop in huge panicles, and in numerous species have a strong perfume. Flowering varies between mid spring to early summer season, relying at the species. The fruit is a dry, brown capsule, splitting in at maturity to launch the two winged seeds.

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