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Artwork or art is a wide range of human activities in creating auditory, visual or performing artifacts. This is a representation or expression of the author's conceptual ideas, imaginative, or technical skills, intended to be appreciated for their emotional power and beauty. There also exist other activities which are in relation to the production of the works of art or artwork, they include criticism of art, aesthetic dissemination of art and the study of history of art.  There exist three classical branches of art, that include sculpture, painting and architecture. When seeing from the perspective of history of art, these artistic works have happen to exist for almost as long as the entire humankind. This existence of art ranges from the early prehistoric art to contemporary art; however, in the eye of some theorists, the typical concept of artistic works fits less well outside modern western societies. According to one of the earliest senses of the definition of art, which happen to be closely related to the older Latin meaning, which roughly could be understood as skill or craft, is associated with words such as artisans. English words derived from the given meaning include artificial, artifact, medical arts and military arts.

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  • Sims Flower Art Photography Ornament Monochrome PNG Image

    Sims Flower Art Photography Ornament Monochrome
    Format: PNG
    Resolution: 868x1384
    Size: 136.5KB
    Downloads: 337
  • Animation Leaf Cloud Rain Area Free Download PNG HQ PNG Image

    Animation Leaf Cloud Rain Area Free Download PNG HQ
    Format: PNG
    Resolution: 600x630
    Size: 11.2KB
    Downloads: 252