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The maple leaf is the characteristic leaf of the sycamore tree or the maple tree. It is most widely recognized as the national symbol of Canada. The maple leaf had been adopted as an emblem by the French Canadians by the early 1700s, along the Saint Lawrence River. Its popularity with French Canadians continued and was reinforced during the inaugural meeting of the Societe Saint Jean Baptiste in 1834 where the maple leaf was one of numerous emblems that was proposed to represent the society. Speaking in its favour was the first mayor of Montreal, Jacques Viger, who described the maple as "the king of our forest." The maple leaf caught on gradually as a national symbol as it was contained in the coat of arms of Quebec as well as the coat of arms of Ontario in the year 1868 and was finally added to the Canadian flag in 1921. Historically, the green maple leaf had represented Quebec while the golden maple leaf had represented Ontario. Alexander Muir composed the patriotic "The Maple Leaf Forever", In 1867, which became an unofficial anthem in English-speaking Canada. The leaf appeared on all Canadian coins from 1876 until 1901 and remained only on the penny after 1901. The badges of the Canadian Expeditionary Force, during the First World War, were often based on a maple leaf design.

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