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Applause is a 1929 black-and-white behind the scenes musical talkie directed via rouben mamoulian and starring helen morgan, jack cameron, and joan friends. It turned into shot at paramount's astoria studios in astoria, new york, all through the early years of sound movies. The film is exquisite as one of the few films of its time to interrupt loose from the restrictions of cumbersome sound generation equipment which will shoot on location round new york. In 2006, applause became protected in the annual choice of 25 motion photographs added to the country wide film registry of the library of congress. Being deemed "culturally, historically, or aesthetically massive" and encouraged for maintenance. Primarily based on a singular by means of beth brown, the film changed into staged and directed via rouben mamoulian, and stars helen morgan, joan peers, jack cameron, henry wadsworth, and fuller mellish jr. Mae west became originally considered for the part of kitty darling, but paramount decided west's glamorous level presence might undercut the tackier components of the storyline. The country wide board of assessment named applause one of the 10 great films of 1929. This become morgan's first all-speakme film. She had formerly seemed inside the sound prologue to the part-talkie model of display boat, launched by way of popular studios.
Within the same yr, morgan regarded in applause, and glorifying the yankee female. In 2006, applause was decided on for maintenance within the u. S. A. Countrywide movie registry with the aid of the library of congress as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically massive".

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