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A turban is a style of headwear supported material winding. That includes several variations, it's worn as customary headwear by individuals of assorted cultures. Communities with distinguished turban-wearing traditions are found within the Indian landmass, geographic region, the peninsula, the centre East, Central Asia, Africa, geographical area, geographic area, geographical region, geographic region and also the Horn of Africa. Wearing turbans is common among Sikhs, together with ladies.
The turban is additionally the normal article of clothing of Sufi students. To boot, turbans have usually been worn by nobility, no matter the spiritual background. They're conjointly typically donned to shield hair or as a head wrap for girls following cancer treatments. In India, the turban is spoken as a pagri that means the article of clothing that is worn by men and is manually tied. There are a unit many designs, that area unit specific to the wearer's region or faith, and that they vary in form, size and colour. For instance, the Mysore Peta, the Marathi pheta, Puneri Pagadi and also the Sikh Dastar .The pagri could be an image of honour and respect all over its worn. It's a typical observe to honour necessary guests by providing them one to wear.
Colours area unit usually chosen to suit the occasion or circumstance: for instance, saffron, related to valiance or sacrifice (martyrdom), is worn throughout rallies; white, related to peace, is worn by elders; and pink, related to spring, is worn throughout that season or for wedding ceremonies. Navy blue could be a colour common addition to the Sikh Nihangs, it signifies war and repair, whereas black is related to resistance, orange with sacrifice and martyrdom, and white sagely, old age, death, or peace; but throughout times of peace or rallies for peace individuals can sometimes be in war gear (i.e. blue) white solely has the association.

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