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Hair is basically a protein filament that grows from follicles found in the dermis. Hair is one of the most exclusive and defining features of the mammal body. Different human bodies have different types of hair growth, apart from the areas of glabrous skin, the human body contains follicles which produce thick, terminal and fine hair on the body. Hair primarily composed of protein, specifically alpha-keratin. There are different kinds of hair on the human body, they differ in length and thickness doing their specific functions. Different people have different types of hairs, such as curly hair, straight hair, wavy hair, long hair, short hair. People have different attitudes towards a different form of hair, such as hairstyles and hair removal vary widely across
countries, ethnic groups, culture.
The basic function of hair to provide warmth to the body, therefore animals in warmer regions have thin hair while animals in cold regions have thicker hair. Provide protection to this skin from basic scratches and tears, in some animals, these hair have turned into solid spikes with evolution. Hair also retains water which moisturises the skin and protects it from drying. Hair also has the touch sense. Hair usually grows on the important areas of the body.

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