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Antique word has its origin from the Latin word antiquus meaning old and is used for any item which can be perceived as having value because of its historical significance or aesthetics and often these items are defined to be at least a hundred years old ( even though these definitions and limits are subject to change with culture to culture), even though the term is used to call out objects which are old. Usually an antique can be any object that is desirable or is collected because of its rarity, condition, age, beauty, utility, personal personal emotional connection and/or other unique features. 

This term also reflects that the item might represent a time period in the history of human or a particular previous era. Words such as collectibles and vintages are also used to define such objects which are old, but these are considered not to cross the hundred year old limit. These antiques are known to show some degree of craftsmanship, collectability or certain attention to design. These can be purchased easily at antique stores, auction sales, estate sales, online auctions or other such venues. The dealers of such objects usually belong to national trade associations, many of the same belong to CINOA, a confederation of antique and art associations present in 21 countries representing 5, 000 dealers.

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