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Honeymoon is a vacation or a trip that is planned by a couple which is newly wedded, this trip is a special trip and has become a ritual in the modern world, to be taken after one gets married. The concept of this trip is to celebrate one's marriage and have a great kick start of the marriage period. One can notice that today honeymoons are often celebrated at places and destinations which are titled romantic and exotic by the public. Honeymoons can be both international as well as domestic, depending on one's wish and budget. Newlyweds who are unable to afford a trip or tied down to their hometown for some reasons, can also celebrate this at their home. 

The western culture, as this modern culture or ritual of going on a honeymoon might be called, was originated in Great Britain in the early nineteenth century. Some upper class individuals would seldom go on a bridal tour, accompanied by friends or relatives and visit relatives who were not there on the wedding due to their own circumstances. This practice soon spread to different parts of the world, first stepping into Europe. This culture has been known in France since the early 1820s.

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