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Dress shirt, button shirt, button-front, button-up shirt, or button-up shirt is a full-length fabric with a collar and front, fasten using a button or shirt stud. A button-down or button-down shirt is a dress shirt with a button-down collar - a collar with buttons to the shirt. The dress shirt is usually made of woven fabric and is often worn as a tie, jacket, suit or dress. In British English, the "dress shirt" ("formal shirt" or "tuxedo shirt" in American English) is a more formal dress with a black or white tie. Some of these formal shirts include front and detachable collars with collar studs. The shirt consists of several parts: a piece, usually of a piece of fabric that is on the upper part of the back of the neck, assembled, or neck, and is called a yoke (one piece). Standing in the middle); One-piece sleeves with straps on the wrist, or short-sleeves (trimmed above the elbow), are not traditional; The band of cloth around the wrist is called the cuff; Collar, a bandage around the neck, usually a turndown collar, with a buckle from below the neck, with two dots in front, whose width is called the spread; Eventually the two front panels overlap a little on the middle plate of the button or fasten with buttons (rarely shirt studs).  Shirts are made of linen. The most commonly used natural fibres in the past were cotton (very often), linen (the oldest ones), rami, wool or silk.

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  • Love Her Bts Yourself Chin Jungkook Neck PNG Image

    Love Her Bts Yourself Chin Jungkook Neck
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