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Sunglasses are the basic equipment or the eyewear that are designed to protect the eyes from excessive sunlight. Sunglasses generally consist of a pair of light filtering lenses or glasses and frames to hold them in place. Eyes are one of the most important organs of the human body and they are extremely light sensitive and can be easily damaged by exposure to radiations. Bright and glowing sunlight can be distracting and plain annoying, but exposure to extended can cause headache, soreness or can also lead to permanent damage to the lens, retina and cornea. Overexposure to sunlight results in a temporary reduction in vision, this condition is known as snow blindness and welder's flash. Long term effects include cataracts and loss of vision.
Sunglasses come in the range from inexpensive models with plastic lens and plastic frames to high end, costly designer brands with ground glasses and custom made the frame. There are two key elements to consider regarding sunglasses function, design and fashion. Sunglasses have become the ultimate fashion statement and this current designing process reflects a person's status. Usually, upscale clothing franchise and designers, fragrance makers, and sporting goods design sunglasses to promote their own specific image. Sunglasses make a bold fashion statement.

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  • Sunglasses Png Images PNG Image

    Sunglasses Png Images
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    Sunglasses Picture
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    Sunglasses Png File
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    Sunglasses Png Clipart
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    Sunglasses Free Png Image
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    Sunglasses Png
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    Sunglasses Free Download Png
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    Sunglasses Png Image
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    Sunglasses Download Png
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    Sunglasses Png Pic
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    Sunglasses Png Hd
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    Sunglasses Png Picture
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    Sunglasses High Quality Png
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  • Sunglasses Transparent PNG Image

    Sunglasses Transparent
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