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A hexagon is a six sided polygon whose total of the internal angles is 720 degrees. A regular hexagon is a one which is equilateral and equiangular. It has 6 rotational symmetries and 6 reflectional symmetries. It has 9 diagonals. Irregular hexagons with parallel opposite sides are known as parallelogons Hexagonal patterns are known for their efficiency. The strongest shape known is a hexagon. It might seem as a simple shape but it is nothing less than a wonder. It is used for tilling in construction because, like squares and equilateral triangles, they fit together without any gaps to tile the plane. In real world, this pattern is very much seen in bees' honeycomb. Because large area is filled with fewest hexagons, honeycombs require less wax to construct and hence gains lot of strength under compression. Another real life example of hexagon is the basalt rocks in the Giant's Causeway on the coast of Northern Ireland.
Organised religions insist that hexagons are a symbol of harmony and peace. It is said that a hexagon is a sacred geometry formed by interlocking of two triangles. The upward pointing triangle symbolizes the positive or the male energy. The downward pointing triangle represents the negative or the female energy.

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    Blue And Gradient Science Euclidean Vector Del
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