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Putting Papua New Guinea on the map
Papua New Guinea has always been known for its rich and vibrant culture, diverse landscapes and incredible biodiversity. However, in the digital age, it has become more important than ever to have a strong online presence and showcase what this island nation has to offer to the rest of the world. Enter Restart PNG, a campaign led by the national government that aims to put Papua New Guinea on the map and boost its digital economy.
What is Restart PNG?
Restart PNG is a multi-faceted campaign that was launched in May 2020, in response to the economic impact of COVID-19. Its main goal is to promote economic recovery and growth through digital development, with a focus on creating jobs and empowering local communities. The campaign is led by the Department of Information and Communication Technology, in collaboration with the private sector, civil society and development partners.
According to Hon. Timothy Masiu, Minister for Information and Communication Technology, Restart PNG aims to “unlock the full potential of Papua New Guinea’s digital economy by creating synergies between the public and private sectors, and building the necessary infrastructure, skills and knowledge to enable sustainable growth”.
How does Restart PNG work?
Restart PNG is a multi-pronged campaign that involves several initiatives and activities, such as:
- Building digital infrastructure: This includes expanding the fiber-optic network, establishing a national data center, and deploying satellite and wireless services to remote areas. The government has allocated K100 million (US$ 29 million) to the National Transmission Network project, which aims to connect all provinces and districts by 2022.
- Developing digital skills and entrepreneurship: Restart PNG aims to equip Papua New Guineans with the necessary skills and knowledge to participate in the digital economy, such as IT training, coding bootcamps, and entrepreneurship programs. The government has partnered with organizations like the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) and the World Bank to implement these programs.
- Promoting e-commerce and digital payments: Restart PNG seeks to encourage the adoption of e-commerce and digital payments, which can provide new opportunities for small businesses and increase financial inclusion. The government has launched the National Payment Gateway project, which aims to connect all banks and financial institutions to a single platform by 2021.
- Showcasing Papua New Guinea’s unique assets: Restart PNG is also about promoting Papua New Guinea to the rest of the world, through digital platforms and content. The campaign has launched a website ( and a social media campaign, which showcase the country’s natural beauty, culture, cuisine and business potential.
What are the benefits of Restart PNG?
Restart PNG has the potential to bring significant benefits to Papua New Guinea, such as:
- Creating new jobs and opportunities: By boosting the digital economy, Restart PNG can generate new jobs and income streams for Papua New Guineans, especially in the rural and remote areas.
- Empowering local communities: By equipping Papua New Guineans with digital skills and entrepreneurship, Restart PNG can empower local communities to become active participants in the digital economy.
- Attracting foreign investment: By promoting Papua New Guinea’s business potential, Restart PNG can attract more foreign investment and stimulate economic growth.
- Showcasing Papua New Guinea’s unique culture and heritage: Restart PNG can help showcase Papua New Guinea’s rich cultural heritage to the rest of the world, and position the country as a unique and authentic destination for tourism and cultural exchange.
Restart PNG is a bold and ambitious campaign that aims to transform Papua New Guinea’s digital landscape and put it firmly on the map. While there are challenges ahead, such as improving digital literacy, expanding access to connectivity, and overcoming regulatory hurdles, the campaign has the potential to bring enormous benefits to the country and its people. It is an exciting time for Papua New Guinea, and Restart PNG is a step in the right direction towards a more prosperous and connected future.

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