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Caterpillars are the larval degree of contributors of the order lepidoptera (the insect order comprising butterflies and moths). As with most commonplace names, the software of the phrase is bigoted, because the larvae of sawflies are typically known as caterpillars as nicely. Both lepidopteran and symphytan larvae have eruciform body shapes. Caterpillars of most species are herbivorous (folivorous), but now not all; a few (approximately 1%) are insectivorous, even cannibalistic. Some feed on different animal merchandise; as an instance, clothes moths feed on wool, and horn moths feed at the hooves and horns of dead ungulates.
Caterpillars are generally voracious feeders and lots of them are most of the maximum serious of agricultural pests. In fact many moth species are quality acknowledged in their caterpillar tiers due to the harm they reason to fruits and other agricultural produce, while the moths are difficult to understand and do no direct damage. Conversely, diverse species of caterpillar are valued as sources of silk, as human or animal food, or for biological manipulate of pest vegetation. The origins of the word "caterpillar" date from the early sixteenth century. They derive from middle english catirpel, catirpeller, likely an alteration of vintage north french catepelose: cate, cat (from latin cattus) + pelose, hairy (from latin pilosus). The inchworm, or looper caterpillars from the family geometridae are so named because of the way they circulate, acting to degree the earth (the word geometrid approach earth-measurer in greek); the primary reason for this uncommon locomotion is the removal of nearly all the prolegs except the clasper at the terminal phase.

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