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The reindeer is a species of deer. Also known as caribou in North America, this species has a circumpolar distribution, i.e. occurring over a wide range of longitudes but only higher latitudes. They are supposed to be either around the North Pole or the South Pole. They are a native of the Arctic, sub-Arctic, mountainous regions of Europe, Siberia and North America. The scientific nomenclature also renames them as Rangifer tarandus, to avoid confusion between different names coming from different origins. The largest herd of wild reindeer is The Taimyr herd of migrating Syberian tundra. This herd ranges from 400,000-1,000,00. The second largest George River herd if reduced from once ranging to 28,000-385,000 to now only 9,000 reindeers.Reindeers are also of different colours and sizes. The smallest is the Svalbard reindeer while the largest is the boreal woodland caribou. Some of the species of reindeer are also extinct now, one of them being Queen Charlotte Islands caribou. Also in deer species, reindeers are known to have the largest and longest antlers.
Reindeers also find a connection in the Christmas lore. They are known to pull the sleigh of Santa Claus carrying him all around the world. The reindeers of this lore are also known to fly and are named as Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donder and Blitzen. This also compliments with the supposition that Santa lives in the North Pole and reindeer are also found majorly at the poles.

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    Reindeer Transparent Image
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    Reindeer Clipart
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    Reindeer Photos
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    Reindeer Transparent
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    Reindeer Transparent Background
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    Reindeer Free Download
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    Reindeer File
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