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Happy New Year is a greeting to wish friends,family or acquaintances a happy and prosperous new year ahead. It is wished to kickstart a new year with happiness and joy. Happy New Year is just not said or spoken in a written text but is also celebrated by many people around the world. The celebration of the New Year is to begin the new year with happiness, to celebrate a new beginning and in the hope of having the same enthusiasm and energy throughout the year.
New Year is the day or time at which a new calendar begins and the year count of the calendar is incremented by one. The first day of January, i.e. January 1, is often marked and celebrated as New Year in many cultures in the same manner. But this is not universal, as many cultures also follow different calendars. The date of January 1 as New Year is marked by the Georgian calendar, which is the most popular calendar system today. The same date is also associated with the original Julian calendar and Roman calendar as the first day of the year. In Western Europe during the middle ages, even though the Julian calendar was still in use, some authorities moved the date for New Year, with dependance on the locale, to several other dates like March 1, March 25, September 1 and December 25. The adoption of the Gregorian calendar, in the beginning of 1582 meant many national and local dates in the Western world and beyond have changed and come to a consensus of using one fixed for New Year, i.e. January 1.

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