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Popcorn also known as pop-corn or popped corn is nothing but a variety of corn kernel which expands and puffs up when heated. The same names can also be used for other foodstuff that needs to be expanded by heat to edible. For popcorn, it's kernel's strong hull contains the seed's hard, the starchy shell endosperm which contains 14-20% of moisture. This moisture turns to steam as the kernel is heated. The pressure caused by this steam continues to build up till the hull ruptures, and hence allowing the kernel to forcefully expand from 20 to 50 times of its original size and finally is allowed to cool. 

One can note that some strains of corn are specifically cultivated as popping corns, taxonomized as Zea mays. The Zia mays have a variety everta which is a special kind of flint corn, is the most common of the varieties of corn commercially sold. The six major types of corn that can be classified are flint corn, dent corn, flour corn, pop-corn and sweet corn. The knowledge of corn has been 10,000 years old, when it was first domesticated in Mexico. It is also known that people have known about popcorn for thousands of years.

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  • Popcorn Transparent PNG Image

    Popcorn Transparent
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  • Popcorn PNG Image

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    Popcorn Clipart
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  • Popcorn Photos PNG Image

    Popcorn Photos
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  • Popcorn Image PNG Image

    Popcorn Image
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  • Popcorn Transparent Background PNG Image

    Popcorn Transparent Background
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  • Popcorn Transparent Image PNG Image

    Popcorn Transparent Image
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  • Popcorn Hd PNG Image

    Popcorn Hd
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  • Popcorn File PNG Image

    Popcorn File
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  • Popcorn Cuisine Snack Photographic Film HQ Image Free PNG PNG Image

    Popcorn Cuisine Snack Photographic Film HQ Image Free PNG
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  • Popcorn Yellow Film Cinema Free Transparent Image HQ PNG Image

    Popcorn Yellow Film Cinema Free Transparent Image HQ
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