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Pepper is a type of food. Peppers are available in a wide variety of types. One can classify them into black pepper, cubeb also known as Java pepper, long pepper, Indonesian long pepper also known as piper retrofractum, voatsiperifery, ashanti pepper, banana pepper, bell pepper , cayenne pepper, chilli pepper , datil pepper, jalapeno, florina pepper, allspice, chilli powder etc. Black pepper from the family piperaceae is a flowering vine. It is cultivated for its fruit which is called peppercorn and it is generally first dried and then used as a seasoning and spices. When fully mature and fresh, it is about the diameter of 5mm and dark red in colour. It also contains a seed which appears to be like drupes. 

Long pepper also known as Indian long pepper also is a part of the family piperaceae and is also a flowering vine. The cultivation of long pepper is done for its fruit. Then it is generally dried to be used as a seasoning or spice. The taste of long pepper seems to be similar to that of its close relative piper nigrum, even though a bit hotter. Piper nigrum is a kind of pepper from which green, black and white pepper are obtained.

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    Pepper Picture
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    Pepper Png
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    Pepper Free Download Png
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    Pepper Png Image
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    Pepper Png Clipart
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    Pepper Png Picture
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    Pepper Transparent
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