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Shrek is a 2001 american laptop-animated comedy movie loosely based totally on the 1990 fairy story photo e book of the identical call with the aid of william steig. Directed by way of andrew adamson and vicky jenson of their directorial debuts, it stars mike myers, eddie murphy, cameron diaz and john lithgow because the voices of the lead characters. The movie parodies different fairy tale adaptations, in general aimed at lively disney movies. In the story, an ogre known as shrek (myers) reveals his swamp overrun with the aid of fairy story creatures who have been banished through the corrupt lord farquaad (lithgow) desiring to be king. Shrek makes a cope with farquaad to regain manage of his swamp in go back for rescuing princess fiona (diaz), whom farquaad intends to marry. With the assist of donkey (murphy), shrek embarks on his quest however soon falls in love with the princess, who is hiding a secret in order to exchange his existence forever. The rights to steig's e book have been bought by means of steven spielberg in 1991.
He in the beginning planned to supply a historically-lively film based totally at the e book, however John H. Williams satisfied him to carry the film to the newly-founded dreamworks in 1994. Jeffrey katzenberg started out energetic improvement of the film in 1995 right now following the studio's purchase of the rights from spielberg. Chris farley become originally solid because the voice for the name person, recording almost all the required talk. After farley died in 1997 earlier than the paintings became completed, mike myers stepped in to voice the person, which changed into modified to a scottish accent in the technique. The film was intended to be movement-captured, but after bad outcomes, the studio decided to lease pacific records photos to finish the very last computer animation.

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  • Shrek Image PNG Image

    Shrek Image
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  • Shrek Transparent Background PNG Image

    Shrek Transparent Background
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    Shrek Clipart
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    Shrek Transparent
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    Shrek Hd
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    Shrek Picture
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  • Shrek File PNG Image

    Shrek File
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    Shrek Photo
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  • Shrek Free Download PNG Image

    Shrek Free Download
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  • Shrek PNG Image

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  • Shrek Photos PNG Image

    Shrek Photos
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  • Shrek Transparent Image PNG Image

    Shrek Transparent Image
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    Resolution: 423x752
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  • Shrek HD Image Free PNG Image

    Shrek HD Image Free
    Format: PNG
    Resolution: 963x852
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    Photos Shrek PNG File HD
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