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Car is an automobile or a wheeled motor vehicle which is basically used for human transportation or goods transportation. Different types of cars are made for different types of terrains like offroad, plains, roads. Cars come in the range from one seater to eight seaters and have 4 tires to 12 tires. Cars came into global usage in the 20th century and many of the developed economies depended on them. The year 1886 is known as the birth year of the modern car, it was when German inventor Karl Benz, patented his first Benz Motorwagon. The cars which are accessible to the masses were made by Ford Motor Company in 1908. The widespread acceptance of cars in America and western economy was much smooth and swift as compared to their acceptance in Europe and other parts of the world.
There is the various impact of cars on the environment, as different types of fuel are used to power the cars, most of them rely on gasoline which is also known as petrol and diesel. Many governments are using fiscal policies to influence vehicle purchase decisions, with a low carbon dioxide figure such as road tax. Many car engines use CNG as it is green gas which does not harm the environment, many cars are also coming with hybrid engines to produce more energy with less fuel usage to save the environment.

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    Car Vector Toy Photos HD Image Free
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