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An alligator is a crocodilian reptile within the genus Alligator of the family Alligatoridae. The two living species-area unit the alligator and also the Alligator sinensis. To boot, many extinct species of alligator area unit famed from fossil remains. Alligators 1st appeared throughout the Oligocene regarding thirty-seven million years gone.
The name 'alligator' is perhaps associate degree anglicized style of el lagarto, the Spanish term for 'the lizard' that early Spanish explorers and settlers in FL referred to as the alligator. Later English spellings of the name enclosed allagarta and alagarto. Massive male alligator's area unit solitary territorial animals. Smaller alligators will usually be found in massive numbers on the point of one another. The biggest of the species (both males and females) defend prime territory; smaller alligators have the next tolerance for different alligators among the same size category.
Alligators go on land by two sorts of locomotion remarked as 'sprawl' and 'high walk'. The sprawl could be a forward movement with the belly creating contact with the bottom and is employed to transition to 'high walk' or to move over wet substrate into water. The high walk is associate degree abreast of four limbs procession used for land travel with the belly spring up from the bottom. Alligators have conjointly been determined to rise and balance on their hind legs and semi-step forward as a part of a forward or upward lunge. But they will not walk on their hind legs for long distances. Alligators typically mature at a length of six foot (1.8 m). In April and will, alligators kind alleged 'bellowing choruses'. Massive teams of animals bellow along for many minutes many times daily, typically one to 3 hours once sunrise. The bellows of male Yankee alligator's area unit in the course of powerful blasts of infrasound. Another style of the male show could be a loud head-slap. In 2010, on spring nights alligators were found to assemble in massive numbers for cluster suit, the alleged 'alligator dances'.

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