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Vegetables are edible parts of plants that are majorly consumed by humans and other living animals as food. It is said to act as a source of nutrition for them. If one goes by the original definition, it is still commonly used and applied to plants taken together to refer all the edible plant matter, which includes fruits, flowers, stems, roots, leaves and seeds. Whereas, the alternative definition of vegetable is taken into consideration somewhat arbitrarily, often by cultural and culinary traditions. It may happen to exclude food which is derived from some plants that may be flowers, fruits, nuts and cereal grains but include exceptional fruits which are savory such as courgettes and tomatoes, flowers such as broccoli and seeds such as pulses. 

Vegetables were originally collected by hunt gatherers from the wild and are said to enter cultivation in various parts of the world probably during the period of 10,000 BC to 70,000 BC, which was when a new agricultural way of life developed. At the early stages, the plants which could be grown locally would be cultivated by the farmers but later as trade developed, it brought exotic crops from different parts of the world to add to the domestic types.

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  • Tomato Cuisine Purxe9E Juice Bush Italian PNG Image

    Tomato Cuisine Purxe9E Juice Bush Italian
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  • Cute Draw Winter Food Squash So Drawing PNG Image

    Cute Draw Winter Food Squash So Drawing
    Format: PNG
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