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The skull is made up of skeletal borders, bones, or cartilage, forming a unit that protects the brain and some sensory organs. The upper jaw, but not the bottom, is part of the skull. The human cranium, the part that holds the brain, is spherical and larger than the face. In most other animals, the skull face is larger than the skull, including the upper part of the skull and the nose. In humans, the skull is supported by the superior vertebrae, called atlases, which allow movement. Atlas Next-down vertebrae allow lateral movement on the axis. In humans, the basis of the cranium is the occipital bone, which has a central opening (foreman magnum) to accept the spinal cord. The parietal and temporal bones form the sides and top of the cranial dome and form the frontal bone forehead; The cranial floor is composed of spanoid and ethmoid bones. The facial region is the zygomatic, or molar, bones (cheek bones) that form the zygomatic arch below the eye socket along with the temporal and maxillary bones; Palatal bone; And the maxillary, or upper jaw, bones. The nasal cavity is formed from the vomer and the nasal, lacrimal, and turbine bones. In infants, piercings (joints) between different skull elements are loose, but they coexist with age. Most mammals, such as a dog, have a Sagittarius sign in the centre of the skull; This provides an additional attachment site for the temporalis muscle, which closes the jawbone.

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