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The devil defines a Satan or an opponent. In almost every culture, devil is used to describe someone with the common sense of evil. We see the depictions of devil in movies, music and books. Nobody knows if it is real or fake but the culture has made it a well known figure. In some places, devil is worshipped as god. Everyone one of us has a devil who may be our opponent. This is not a new concept rather it dates back to hundred years back. When most people think of evil or something that causes evil, the first thought that comes to our mind is that of devil or Satan.
We have imagined a lot of ideas about how it looks and acts. People usually believe in God's existence and that he is present in every element of Earth. Most of those who believe in God have been found to believe in the presence of Devil as well. Bad exists only when there exists good. Similarly, devil exists because of the existence of God. That gives us a basis to draw a line between the good and the evil. Many believe that evil appears in guise of possession. Whereas others believe that devil is just a myth. It all depends on the belief.

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    Devil Angel Material Michael Illustration Sign
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